Blue Heron Foundation Funds

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The ability to choose where your donations go is at the heart of the Blue Heron Foundation Funds. Whichever fund you select, we can help ensure that your gift makes an immediate and lasting impact.

The four priority funds within the Blue Heron Foundation Funds are designed to give you a choice about the projects, programs and activities you support. Four distinct funds offer the opportunity to create visible change and a lasting legacy:
The Capital Fund
Gifts to the Capital Fund allow for continued revitaliation of the campus and Willamette View community through expanded services, uprgrading and replacement of equipment, and support for libraries, artworks, transportation, and the music and memory program.

Good Neighbor Fund for Resident Assistance
The Good Neighbor Fund for Resident Assistance provides financial security to individual residents if they live beyond their financial resources. Donations to this fund may also be used to support Willamette View’s healthcare and memory care programs.
Alan Fibish Employee Scholarship Endowment
Created by residents in memory of a friend and dedicated teacher, this fund honors the resident-employee relationship that is a cornerstone of our community. We believe helping employees reach their educational goals creates a committed workforce who provide better-quality services to residents.
The Heron Fund
The Heron Fund accepts unrestricted donations, dedicated to meeting the greatest needs in our community. These needs vary and change over time. Your donations here, especially when joined with others, will enhance Willamette View in meaningful ways.
A note about Commemorative Gifts
Sometimes a gift is very personal—in memory of a loved one or friend, or to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. With a Commemorative Gift to the Heron Fund or the Alan Fibish Employee Scholarship Endowment, you can create a fitting remembrance that will further expand the legacy of the people you love.
Resident-Run Businesses Contribute
Proceeds from the three resident-managed businesses—Mart, Carousel and Pantry—also are donated to the Blue Heron Foundation Funds. The Resident Council, in consultation with the Willamette View Development Committee, determines which areas of greatest need receive these proceeds.
If at any time you have questions or would like to discuss options for charitable giving at Willamette View, please call 503-652-6202 or email