History of Innovation

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When we say we are transforming the experience of aging, we’re happy to get specific. In our 64-year history, we’ve never waited for industry peers to lead the way. When we see a chance to improve or an opportunity for reinvention, we get there first – and watch the others follow.

Home Care

In 1998, Willamette View was the first among local Life Plan Communities to see the need to support residents with in-home care and medication management services available on an occasional, short-term or long-term basis. Our Home Care program has evolved to provide more complex care as demand for such services has increased. Home Care has been a great success at providing compassionate, individualized care and support to help seniors live as comfortably and independently as possible.

Resident-driven community from Day One

Much of Willamette View’s success stems from the early decision to establish a resident self-governing association and council that directs the active, creative resident life programs that distinguish our campus from other Life Plan Communities. The leadership of the Resident Council and Willamette View management work symbiotically to oversee and direct day-to-day operations and to set goals for the future. Because the physical structure of our community and the Resident Association and Council were formed at the same time, they have “grown up” together to become integral partners in Willamette View’s success.

First Life Plan Community in the area

Founded in 1955 by leaders with a vision of providing a community environment for people who want to live healthy, engaged lives throughout their retirement years, Willamette View was the first of its kind in the Portland market – although others soon tried to replicate our success. People who were attracted to a self-governed, community lifestyle with access to top-notch health care and support services quickly put Willamette View on the map.

Full-time artworks studio and art therapy program

We consider artworks one of Willamette View’s crown jewels. The art therapy program is overseen by two artists/art therapists (each with a master’s degree) who engage a wide variety of disiplines, including glass fusion, ceramics, silk painting, woodwork, and other creative media. Some programs are multi-generational and encourage resident and family participation. Other Life Plan Communities may employ part-time art teachers or therapists, but our professionals work full-time. That’s because we know art therapy is a proven method for recovery and communication, and we believe it’s critical to our mission of inspiring the art of living well.

Harmony Garden and horticultural therapy

Willamette View believes in the therapeutic and healing benefits of people working with the earth. Our Harmony Garden provides a place for residents to work with non-toxic plants, feel the dirt between their fingers, and experience the richness of connection with the natural world in a safe, supported environment. Our garden reflects many gifts given in memory of loved ones that enrich the environment, such as water features, sculptures, benches, and a wide variety of flowers, fruits and vegetables.

First-class Fitness Center

Our Fitness Center is another crown jewel of Willamette View. No other community in the area can compete. World class, safe and secure equipment; a full-time, experienced fitness team; and extensive classes and programs make our Fitness Center an active, engaged environment for residents and employees. It is integral to our Wellness programs and critical to the healthy life and continued well-being of our community. What’s more, the workout challenges are off the charts!