Life at Willamette View

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Is it our prime spot next to the Willamette River? Is it our 27 graceful acres? Is it our unmatched menu of amenities and facilities, or the quality and comfort of individual residences? Or is it something else?

People are drawn to Willamette View for the waterfront setting and the physical elements that make up our campus. Yet once they get here, they find something even more appealing: a sense of connection they can feel throughout our community.  It is our people and the joyful, purposeful vibe they create together that are our greatest assets. 

But there’s even more to life at Willamette View. You’ll have your choice of countless intellectual and physical offerings, emotional resources and gastronomical delights.  How you design your daily routine will be up to you, your tastes and your needs.  Around you, the community provides a larger context and culture – one that can elevate an individual experience into an opportunity for connection and engagement.

We invite you to get to know us, to explore the ways we’re expanding your options for senior living just as we are transforming the experience of aging.