Life is a Feast: WV’s Culture of Food

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We approach food and dining in the same way we approach life: It’s a big and varied buffet, so let’s dive in. From our abundance of fresh, local foods to the ever-changing menus in our three on-site restaurants, we’re in step with the high standards set by nationally acclaimed restaurants in nearby Portland. Here’s the best part: we do the cooking for you.

Food isn’t just fuel. It’s flavor, nourishment, community, even adventure -- and at Willamette View, it’s also a matter of choice. Mealtimes are opportunities for residents to connect with each other and savor the day, exploring new cuisines or finding comfort in favorite dishes.

Choices and variety

  • Three different, independent on-site restaurants and our marketplace.
    • Riverview: : Our flagship restaurant with a local farm-to-table menu that rivals any Portland restaurant.
    • White Oak Grill: Our newly renovated restaurant, serving seasonal, locally-sourced American fare such as meatloaf (made with grass fed beef) and pan seared wild Alaskan sockeye salmon.
    • Elk Rock: Here you'll find fresh, baked from scratch cookies, croissants and pastries to enjoy with your espresso or latte.
  • We reinvent our menus continuously, changing with the seasons, in order to take advantage of our local bounty.

Made from scratch and locally-grown

  • Unlike a typical institutional kitchen that serves all processed foods: from vinaigrettes and salad dressings to soups and desserts - we even corn our own corned beef, cure our own lox and smoke our own trout.
  • We seek out Oregon farmers and farmers markets to find the tastiest local and sustainable eats, from Carlton Farms pork to Bauman Farm raspberries. We also have relationships with SuDan Farms (lamb);  Groundwork Organics and Gathering Together Farms (fruits and vegetables); and Confluence Farm (blueberries) – and the list keeps growing.
  • Willamette View residents are accomplished gardeners, and we've often been the beneficiary of their harvest – including the resident-grown figs we turned into a featured dessert and appetizer.

Wine and spirits

Join friends at The Cove, Willamette View’s wood-topped bar serving a full menu of wine, craft beers, spirits, and cocktails. Stay for just a drink or make it a meal: Choose from a tasteful collection of pizzas hot from The Cove’s own oven, carving-board sandwiches, and daily oven-baked specials. While you’re there, look around and enjoy the magnificent floor-to-ceiling views nearby at Riverview, our restaurant overlooking the Willamette River.


Our dietician evaluates all menus for balance and to ensure our offerings meet residents’ nutritional needs. We cater to a range of special diets (no-added-salt, no-concentrated-sugars, low-fat and more).