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Willamette View ‘Hams’ Participate in Countywide Emergency Exercise

Story by Dale Harris

Members of the Willamette View Amateur Radio Club participated in a countywide emergency preparedness exercise on Wednesday, April 16, sponsored by Clackamas Amateur Radio Emergency Service (CARES).  This organization consists of ham radio operators ready to facilitate communication in time of a natural or human-caused disaster -- willing to be dispatched to various areas in the county in a time of emergency.

The April exercise involved small teams of hams traveling to fire stations and other public facilities where ham equipment is stored. They inventoried equipment, checking to see if it was in working order.  The task of the Willamette View hams was to receive and record radio messages from the traveling teams, indicating their location and arrival and departure times as well as recording mileage. Such information would be critical in an emergency to make sure that all teams were safe and accounted for.

Each Sunday evening CARES members check-in on a network giving their FCC assigned call signs. Willamette View hams participate in this activity as well as monthly meetings in Oregon City.  There are 12 hams in the Willamette View Amateur Radio Club. 

Willamette View's radios and high antennas provide excellent coverage throughout the county, creating a vital link in an emergency communication network.


Photo cutline:

Willamette View hams working in their radio room take turns recording the messages as they come in from around the county.  Seen here are Hugh Haven, David Shearer, Dale Harris, and Donna Krasnow.


Photo credit:  Arch Doty

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