Home Care, Therapy Services & Respite Program

Even when you’re feeling fine, you want access to health and support services that will keep you that way. To that end, Willamette View offers a broad range of therapies plus a Home Care service staffed by professional caregivers who embrace family engagement. The Sunflower Club adult day program is also available for individuals with cognitive decline as well as relief for spouses and families.

Home care medication management

Home Care

    Willamette View Home Care employs a professional team of trained caregivers and a Registered Nurse (RN) who oversees medication management and individualized care plans. All caregivers are Willamette View employees; all exceed minimum state training requirements and we never contract out your care. Multiple levels of care are available from one-hour to 24-hour care:

    • Caregivers offer good company for a shopping trip, meal or matinee. They also can provide light housekeeping and help with pets.
    • Assistance with grooming, bathing and other daily tasks can keep you more independent, for longer.
    • A caregiver can be a companion when family can’t be there.
    • In a situation where your loved one needs extra care or you need time for yourself, Willamette View Home Care can help.
    • To help you have successful interactions with healthcare providers, caregivers can accompany you to medical appointments and into your exam room. They also can relay information to family members and other medical providers.

    Contact Us Directly: Phone: 503-652-7360, Email: HomeCare@WillametteView.org

Therapy and Counseling Services

    • Residents have access to physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), speech language therapy (SLT) and massage therapy.
    • Our art therapy program is staffed by two art therapists who are also licensed counselors. Each holds a master’s degree in art therapy. Other Life Plan Communities may employ part-time art teachers or therapists, but our professionals work full-time. That’s because we know art therapy is a proven method for inspiration, recovery and communication.
    • Outpatient therapy services are offered in our onsite therapy department or in your home.
    • Harmony Garden is a secured, safe outdoor space. Residents can stroll or rest on benches among water features, sculptures and a variety of flowers, fruits and vegetables. The garden offers fresh air and restorative therapy – a place to reflect and reconnect with nature and your senses.
    • Full-time licensed counselor available for group and individual sessions.

Respite and Adult Day Program

Respite care adult care program

    This program provides an individual with cognitive decline a safe, compassionate place to spend structured time while providing respite for their caregiver. It can extend the independent living status of a couple and end isolation for both residents, all at a lower cost than Home Care.

    • Sunflower Club: Our Adult Day Program provides loved ones the opportunity to participate in guided activities suitable for those with cognitive decline or physical limitations. During their stay of several hours, participants will also experience warm social interaction with a meal provided.
    • Respite Care: Caregivers will be able to experience short-term relief from their responsibilities. They can take a break and participate in other community activities, knowing that their loved one is safe.
    • Program sponsored by the Blue Heron Foundation At Willamette View.